Knee Replacement – Types, Benefits, and Cost of Surgery in India

Someone once rightly said that we seldom realize the importance of eyesight when we have eyes. The same goes for knees! Our bones are the main pillars of our body, and let us not forget the knees – An integral part of our lower body.

Made up of the femur (thigh bone), tibia (shin bone), and patella (kneecap), the joint keeps these bones in place. Daily, casual activities from walking to places and even sitting, the knee ensures stability as well as mobility.

Unfortunately, this reliant body part can sometimes start losing its functionality, mobility, and strength slowly over time. This is when the need for a Knee Replacement Surgery may arise. If you relate to such conditions, seeing an orthopedic or a knee replacement surgeon should be the first step.

A good thing about Knee Replacement Surgery in India is that now it has a 100% success rate. Welcare Hospital is one of a kind, India’s first multi-specialty hospital that aims to deliver the best knee care services across India.

There are certain signs that might indicate that you require a Knee Replacement Surgery. one can look at, which may hint at getting a knee replacement surgery ASAP. Following are the signs:

1. Unbearable pain

If you are experiencing tremendous pain in your knee joints while doing the slightest of activities Or you have been experiencing joint pain for quite a long time now during exercising or even during sleeping, this might be a sign to see an orthopaedic surgeon..

2. Unable to move freely

If your knees stiff up while sitting on a couch or if low placed seating such as in cars and cinema halls cause your knee joints to seize up.

3. Changed knee shape

One may barely notice the particular shape of their knee, but your knees are deteriorating with time, then you may see swelling in your legs.

4. An old injury

Any old accident or unhealed injury might be another reason that you are in pain today. In addition, any severe injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of your knee might be a sign for you to consider a knee replacement surgery.

Do you experience any of the above ? If yes, then consult the best knee surgeons near and around your locality.

Know the four types of Knee Replacement surgeries:

  1. Total knee replacement
  2. Unicompartmental knee replacement
  3. Kneecap replacement
  4. Complex / Revision knee replacement.

Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery:

  1. A great relief in pain!
  2. The assurance of enhanced strength and movement in the knees.
  3. One can get back to their normal routine and regular physical activities
  4. A healthy knee means a healthier body!

How much will a knee replacement surgery cost in India?

The average cost of knee replacement surgeries in India varies on the type and intensity of the surgery. This is because different patients need different kinds of operations according to their requirements. But any hospital in India will charge you between 80,000 to ₹2.3 lakh.

This blog was all about Knee Replacement, it’s various types, benefits, and costs in India. So if you are searching for the best knee surgeon in India and the best knee replacement hospital in India, head up to our website for more details.

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