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Knee pain is no new pain for Indians! More than 15 crore people suffer from knee problems- from minor to major. Studies say that 50% of people over the age of 65 experience joint pains in different body parts. Knee pain is common amongst adults, no matter the age. At the same time, some tend to believe that only older adults suffer from knee pain & tired knees.

It completely varies based on the intensity of the activities one performs regularly or even depends on some pre-existing medical conditions. Amongst them, the most common knee pain is arthritis, a form of Osteoarthritis. It is also known as wear and tear arthritis as it occurs in joints over time or after an injury. The cartilage present on the ends of your bones in the joints wears away until the bone rubs on the other bone.

A common but severe issue, Osteoarthritis, affects you in every movement you make, such as: walking, climbing, or even sitting. A serious case can only be treated with total knee replacement surgery. However before taking this step, doctors usually recommend medications such as:

  1. Pain Relief Tablets
  2. Creams and ointments
  3. Injected medications
  4. Knee exercises and physical therapy
  5. Nutritional supplements
  6. Losing weight

Now, if the patient is unable to recover even after these measures, then surgery is recommended.

What is total knee replacement surgery?

A surgical procedure conducted on knees with arthritis is called Knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement surgery. The surgeon removes the affected knee joint surface and replaces it with an artificial joint. This artificial joint is made of plastic and metal, used as a cap on your bone ends, forming a new knee joint.

Where can you find the best knee replacement surgeon and knee specialist in India?

A knee replacement surgery is a major surgery that comes with serious risks during the whole process. So if you are thinking of surgery for your knees, consulting the best surgeon and specialist becomes pivotal. Welcare Hospital, a multi-speciality hospital, renowned as one of India’s best knee replacement hospitals, with excellent surgeons, latest technologies, and world-class infrastructure- is a place you can trust. Welcare Hospital, located in Gujarat, India, is one of the most sought-after and the best knee replacement hospitals.

Why choose Welcare Hospital?

Dr Bharat Mody, the visionary leader, chief surgeon, knee replacement specialist, and director of Welcare Hospital, believes in creating a space where patient health can thrive. There are multiple reasons why people choose Welcare Hospital. From infrastructure to modern medicine techniques and amenities, Welcare is the only hospital that has conducted 2000+ surgeries with a 0% infection rate. A team of efficient and professional surgeons along with a highly trained nursing team makes the place nothing but the best.

If you are suggested to undergo a total knee replacement surgery, feel free to ask us for more details through our website. Contact Welcare Hospital today. Ring or mail us to schedule an appointment with one of our Knee replacement surgeons and specialists, and we shall be more than happy to guide you.

Head up to our website to know everything about the types, benefits, and cost range of a total knee replacement surgery in India.

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