Joint Replacement Surgery – Treatment Types & Procedure

Being unable to do even the bare minimum of your daily activity, such as walking, jogging, running or even sitting, might be hinting towards you needing a checkup. If regular medications and treatments do not help you recover, your doctor may suggest joint replacement surgery. 

What is joint replacement surgery?

The procedure of joint replacement surgery in India involves removing damaged joint surfaces and replacing them with a prosthesis. This prosthesis is made out of various components such as metals, plastic, polymers or ceramic tools. It is built so well that it is equivalent to a natural joint and moves the same way. 

There are different types of joint replacement surgeries in India. Below given is the list of various types of joint replacement surgery in India:

  1. Knee Replacement 
  2. Hip Replacement
  3. Shoulder Replacement
  4. Elbow Replacement
  5. Ankle Replacement

Out of these, the two most common joint replacement surgeries are:

  1. Knee Replacement Surgery
  2. Hip Replacement Surgery

The procedure of joint replacement surgery:

The procedure for joint replacement surgery and the approach of our doctors at Welcare Hospital is one of its kind. Once the patient is advised to undergo surgery, a date is finalized suiting all their requirements.

What happens on the day before the surgery?

  • The patient is approached by the team of our efficient nurses and doctors. 
  • The patient is welcomed graciously and once checked in,  made to go through some mandatory routine tests, given a tour of the room, and invited to explore the amenities and the facilities. 
  • The patient is shown videos from past surgeries conducted in Welcare Hospital to ease their nervousness and anxiety levels. This helps them mentally prepare for the procedure they are about to go through.
  • When you come to Welcare Hospital, we will ensure that you will have a stay of relaxation and comfort.  

What happens in a joint replacement surgery?

The primary purpose of the surgery is to remove the damaged cartilage and replace the bone surfaces with a prosthetic one. Before the surgery, the patient is given anaesthesia to numb the area of the body which is to be operated on. The surgeon will make a cut of around 4-6 inches. The damaged cartilage and the bone are cut and removed off. Then the surgeon will replace it with artificial prosthetics using cement to keep them intact. 

Advantages of joint replacement surgery:

  1. Eliminates and reduces joint pains.
  2. Improved movement & ease in daily activities.
  3. Reduction of risk in falling or slipping

Which is the best joint replacement hospital in India? 

When you look for the best joint replacement hospital in India, we have no qualms in stating that “Welcare Hospital” is what you are looking for. We use high-end equipment that ensures precision and accuracy as minute as a millimeter. And the assurance of an excellent treatment is an understatement as this hospital has everything the patient as well as the relative might require. With a team of best surgeons of India, this hospital has successfully completed 4000+ complex knee & hip replacement surgeries of patients across the globe. You visit Welcare as a patient but leave as a new human! Aside from that, one can expect world-class infrastructure, ambience, and amazing room service.

Who is the best joint replacement surgeon in India?

Without a doubt, Welcare Hospital holds the top rank for this. Dr. Bharat Mody, being the hospital’s chief surgeon, is known far and wide as the leading joint replacement surgeon and a prominent international faculty. 

And if you are thinking of a total knee replacement, visit our page for more details, and do not miss out on our informative blog posts on knee surgeries and much more. 

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