Dr. Mody Educates Orthopaedic Surgeons from India & Abroad at the Meril Academy

Meril life science and Maxx Orthopaedics is an evolving giant in the field of medical device manufacturing in India. It has aspirations and probably the ability to become an Indian multinational in this area of healthcare industry. It is head quartered in Vapi and has established a world class educational academy called the Meril Academy. They invited doctors from the country and the world to listen to world experts in the field of joint replacement surgery. They conducted such a course on 11th February 2017 in which about 200 orthopaedic surgeon from India and countries such as Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Poland, etc. participated. Meril Academy had requested Dr Bharat Mody an internationally acclaimed joint replacement expert to be the Course Director at this event. Dr. Mody gave a keynote lecture on “How to transition from a Primary Knee Surgeon to a Revision Knee Surgeon”. Knee replacement surgeries are done in their tens of thousands every year in India over the last 10 to 15 years. Gradually some of these artificial knee joints are getting worn out and now require repeat surgery known in technical language as Revision Surgery. A revision knee surgery (Repeat Surgery) is at least 15 times more complex than primary knee surgery. It requires a totally different type of surgical skill, operation theatre facility, operation team experience and special implants/parts. Welcare Hospital is one of the top 10 Revision Surgery Centres of the country. Dr. Mody and his team have performed hundreds of revision surgeries referred from across the country and abroad. The delegates at the conference found Dr. Mody’s lecture very enlightening on this vitally important subject.

Welcare Hospital Procures the World’s Latest Videoscopy Equipment!

In the last 25 years surgical practice in different areas such as Orthopaedics, General surgery, Urology, and Gynaecology have been completely transformed. Earlier a lot of surgical work was done through open incisions, with the invention of thin telescopes and video cameras, surgeons were able to visualize internal organs through tiny pin holes. This allowed them to do complex surgical correction without cutting skin or other tissues. This gave tremendous advantages in terms of lower blood loss, much lower pain, quick recovery and very low infection rates to the patients.

However, the key to real successful and high quality surgical work depending on the quality of visualization which is available to the surgeon during the operative act. The technology of video signals has progressed at lightning speed and this has also been incorporated in video endoscopy medical equipment. Stryker Inc., USA is the world leader in this equipment manufacturing. Their equipment is costly, but offer unparalleled High Definition Imaging to the surgeon.

Welcare Hospital has committed itself to developing a world class endoscopy platform to offer patients and their surgeons the best possible chance for a high quality result. In orthopaedics, the arthroscopy and sports medicine department offers treatment in the form of knee shoulder and elbow arthroscopies. Further, laparoscopic surgeries, cystoscopy (Urology) and hysteroscopy (Gynaecology) are also performed regularly at Welcare Hospital.

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