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Dr. Mody Receives Invitation to Lecture at the Prestigious Imperial College of London.

The Imperial College, London is one of the classic bastions of English scholarship. It is not an everyday event that they would invite people from developing countries to teach their audience. The Orthopaedic Surgery Department of Imperial College organizes an annual event called ‘The Great Debate’ where top surgeons from across the world are invited to convey their original ideas to surgeons from different parts of United Kingdom. The meeting is considered an apex level scientific platform in the field of Total Joint Replacement Surgery.



It is for the first time that an Indian has been invited as a teaching faculty at this prestigious event.

In an interview Dr. Mody said “ It is a great pleasure for me to receive this invitation because I started my journey in this area of surgical expertise as a student in United Kingdom 15 years ago, and today the wheel has turned a full circle and I am invited back as a teacher!”.

Dr. Mody has been receiving invitations from all over the world to teach this technique to other doctors. He is the Director & Chief Joint Replacement Surgeon of ‘Welcare Hospital’, Vadodara, Gujarat.

Dr. Bharat Mody Receives an Award of 1,00,000 Yen from the Japanese Orthopaedic Association

Japan is the second largest economy in the world after United States of America. It has one of the most well developed health care systems in the world. Japanese Orthopaedic Association invites submission of scientific papers from across the world. The best three papers are selected for an award of 1,00,000 Japanese Yen to be presented at their annual conference. This year one thousand five hundred papers had been submitted for this award selection.

Dr. Bharat S Mody, a nationally and internationally recognized Joint Replacement Surgeon working in Baroda and having his Welcare Hospital, had also submitted a research paper titled “Achieving High Flexion after Total Knee Replacement Surgery” for this competition. This paper was one of the three selected for this prestigious award. It was for the first time that a scientific paper from India was selected for this honor.

Dr. Mody’s paper was about a new technique which he has developed, which allows his patients to sit cross legged on the ground after Knee Replacement Surgery.

Japanese culture is also a ground culture like our Indian society where people fold their legs fully to perform various activities like praying, marriage, ceremony having community food events, etc.

Dr. Mody received this award in Kobe, Japan on May 23, 2007.


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